The Gamelan Naga Mas has been an active group since 1991 and has put on a large number of performances and developed an active outreach programme for schools and special needs groups.

Below are lists of our past performances and educational projects.

9 September 2015 Gamelan Untethered @ Discover Indonesia, The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

As part of Discover Indonesia, Naga Mas presents another chance to see Gamelan Untethered, a futuristic fusion of gamelan, western instruments, voice and visuals built around the theme of our relationship and understanding of the cosmos. Featuring original music composed by members of Naga Mas and avant garde jazz musician Sun Ra alongside, this hour long show combines gamelan with synthesizers, guitars, piano, voice, and video.[/fusion_text]

28 August 2014 Gamelan Untethered A Musical Exploration of the Cosmos,Campbell House, Gartnaval Royal Hospital 

Sun Ra’s Spaceways meets six new compositions for Javanese gamelan, synthesisers, piano, vocals & video.

Ever since we saw Captain Jean-Luc Picard play gamelan on Star Trek (as if it was from another planet) we were intrigued by the idea of gamelan in outer space. After all, aren’t we all in outer space, travelling on Spaceship Earth?

Join Glasgow’s ever-eclectic gamelan ensemble for a cluster of constellations, a sinister story, a voyage across the solar system, resounding Fibonacci clangs, deep space trance, and the moment we stepped out there… untethered.

2 August 2014 Merchant City Festival Mono

Our second summer concert, in the friendly city centre Mono – a second chance to hear gamelan music old and new. Open workshops from 1430 onwards, gig at 1700. Free, donations appreciated.

29 June 2014 West End Festival, Botanic Gardens

This year we’re back at Glasgow’s West End Festival: a favourite gig of ours which we have done for many years now. There’s an workshop in the afternoon for families who want to have a hands-on go a the gamelan, and then a concert in the evening, where we’ll be playing a selection of both traditional gamelan pieces and new music composed by members of the group.

14 December 2013 Mono Glasgow

New and traditional music for gamelan, with guest artist Rob Campion from London.

26 June 2011 Kibble Palace, Botanic Gardens, 730 Great Western Road, Glasgow

This West End Festival performance featured new music works written for the ensemble alongside a selection of favourite pieces from Java and Bali. Trance Geography: a momentary intersection where the balmy summer nights of Glasgow met the tropical sounds of the south seas. Scottish Bali at its finest!

20 March 2010 Limelight (Sounds of Progress), 73 – 77 Trongate, Glasgow

A Saturday Teatime Performance at the beautiful Limelight Space at Trongate with a programme of new and traditional music, with the added flavour of Scottish small and great highland bagpipes featuring soloist Barnaby Brown.

26 September 2009 New Music with Highland Pipes, Rutherglen Town Hall, Glasgow

A showcase for the group’s work combining Balinese and Javanese music with Scottish Highland piping music traditions. The Rutherglen Town Hall presented a concert of innovative pieces composed and cocomposed by group members, Margaret Smith, Katherine Waumsley, J. Simon van der Walt, Jon Keliehor, including the extraordinary piping music of Barnaby Brown.


31 August 2008 Gamelan Naga Mas presented their Scottish Bali & Iron Pipes programme at the Edinburgh Mela Festival, a blend of Javanese and Balinese works with an added flavour of Scottish small and great highland bagpipes, featuring soloist Barnaby Brown. New works by Jon Keliehor, Margaret Smith and J Simon van der Walt. Musical Director Signy Jacobsdottir.

5 July 2008 Netherton Community Centre, Scotland, UK. Gamelan Naga Mas was invited to perform at the Netherton Family Day. A large number of children from ages 4 and above took part in the afternoon workshop.

22 June 2008 Kibble Palace, Botanical Gardens, Glasgow, Scotland, UK. Indonesian Gamelan music and Gaelic Piping traditions met in this unusual midsummer concert. The highly spirited Gamelan Naga Mas performed music from Java and Bali, opening the door to new collaborative works with guest piper Barnaby Brown, featuring new and original compositions by gamelan members. Naga Mas gave a free workshop and family concert in the afternoon. Part of Glasgow’s West End Festival 2008.

31 May 2008  Eden Court Theatre, Inverness, Scotland, UK. Gamelan Naga Mas performed Scottish Bali & Iron Pipes, a concert of contemporary and traditional Indonesian music at the Eden Court Theatre in Inverness. The group presented a collection of outstanding original compositions written by the members of the ensemble, including a new collaboration for bagpipes and gamelan featuring guest piper Barnaby Brown. Part of the Music Trains 2008 festival.

1 March 2008 Platform, The Bridge, 1000 Westerhouse Road, Glasgow G34 9JW. A day of Indonesian music performance and workshops on the instruments of the gamelan orchestra. This was part of the East West Project bringing the Indonesian Gamelan to the East End of the Glasgow city. This event featured a gamelan workshop for young people and adults, a gamelan tree workshop for children with parents with storytelling, and a free performance by the Gamelan Naga Mas featuring traditional gamelan music of Java and Bali and new music by Scottish composers.

9 October 2007 Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre, London, UK


Gamelan Naga Mas was invited by the South Bank Centre in London to perform for the official reopening of the Royal Festival Hall by the Queen. The Queen accompanied her father when he opened the building in 1951. The Queen walked through the newly refurbished Spirit Level and listened to us perform Caping Gunung. Gamelan Naga Mas was joined by Sophie Clark and John Pawson from the Southbank Gamelan Players, and Matthew Cohen, an ex-Naga Mas member. Watch video from BBC London.

23 June 2007 Botanical Gardens, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

This was part of the East West Project bringing the Indonesian Gamelan to the West End of the Glasgow city. This event featured a family concert, Balinese story told by Margaret Smith with live Gamelan accompaniment, and a hands-on children workshop. The second concert featured new compositions influenced by Balinese, Javanese and Western music traditions.

9 June 2007 Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre, London, UK


Gamelan Naga Mas were invited to perform at the South Bank Centre Overture celebration which welcomed back the Royal Festival Hall after two years of restoration and redevelopment. Our programme combined traditional and new music inspired by Javanese, Balinese and Jazz musical traditions.

10 March 2007 Calanorang and the Cailleach, Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK


Gamelan Naga Mas took up residence at the Scottish Storytelling Centre for a golden day of Indonesian music with a Glasgow twist. A free family performance in the Centre’s Storytelling Court at 2pm provided a tantalising taster, while a hands-on family workshop at 3pm was a great way for everyone to explore the sights and sounds of the gamelan and have a go. An enchanting evening of spine-tingling music, dance and tales from Bali, Java and Scotland followed at 7pm performed by the Gamelan Naga Mas, and National Museums of Scotland’s storyteller in residence, Marion Kenny.

10 February 2007 Children’s Classic Concert – Ceilidhs to Carnival, Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, Scotland, UK


Gamelan Naga Mas performed with puppeteer Malcolm Knight to an audience of 2000 in an all-action gala display of musical traditions from all around the world. Other bands on the day were the Harmony Chinese Music Ensemble, Treacherous Orchestra, Dhol Infusion, Rapido Mariachi, Carnival Samba and Dance Factory.

2006 – GAMELAN NAGA MAS IN CONCERT at the Hexham Abbey, Hexham. Gamelan Naga Mas presents a programme of Balinese, Javanese and contemporary music for the Hexham Abbey Festival. Special guest KimHo Ip on Chinese dulcimer, Yang Qin. 22 September 2006.

2006 – PERFORMANCE IN THE GARDENS a summer of outdoor gamelan concerts featuring traditional and new music compositions by members of Naga Mas, West End Festival, 17 June 2006, Botanic Gardens in Glasgow, and Hidden Gardens, Tramway on 27 August 2006.

2005 – OUTDOOR PERFORMANCE at the The Hidden Gardens, Tramway. 11 September 2005.

2005 – FLOAT SOUND OBJECTS contemporary dance theatre featuring choreography of Rosina Bonsu, Dereck McLuckie, and Aviva Kartiningsih, with new music compositions by Jon Keliehor, Simon van der Walt, Katherine Waumsley, Ana Himsworth and Doug Haire. Performed at Glasgow University G12 Theatre as part of the West End Festival. 17 & 18 June 2005.

2004 -The production SMARADAHANA performed at the Cottiers Theatre as part of the West End Festival with Eka Damayanti, Aviva Kartningsih Cohen and Matthew Issac Cohen.  11 June 2004.

2004 -The production SMARADAHANA toured to Haddenham, Cambridgeshire with workshops at two local primary schools, a theatre performance and residential workshops in music, dance and shadow puppets with puppeteer Matthew Isaac Cohen and Indonesian performers Eka Damayanti and Aviva Kartiningsih Cohen. Directed by Matthew Cohen. 14 February 2004.

2003 -The production KETOPRAK costume drama from Java, featuring Javanese Artist, Sunarno Purwolelono, West End Festival, 20 June 2003, Kibble Palace, in Glasgow.

2003 -The production TOPENG MASK DANCES featuring mask dances from Bali and Java by  Balinese Artist, I Nyoman Wenten, performed at Cottier Theatre, Glasgow, 9 February 2003.

2002 – KARETAO PUPPET AOTEAROA with Joko Susilo. Inspiration Festival, GilmorehillG12 Theatre, Glasgow. 5 November 2002.

2002 – SENDRATARI WAYANG with Joko Susilo and Matthew Issac Cohen. Dussera, Diwali Festival, Woodside Hall, Glasgow. 27 October 2002.

2002 -The production SENDRATARI WAYANG toured Edinburgh and Glasgow as a performance of music, dance and shadow puppets with Indonesian performers Joko Susilo, Aviva Kartiningsih Cohen, and Pudjiastuti Jansen.  Directed by Joko Susilo and Matthew Isaac Cohen. 26 October 2002.

2002 -The production WAYANG CUCHULAIN contemporary shadow puppet and theatre performance (Wayang Kulit) featuring puppeteers Joko Susilo and Matthew Issac Cohen. West End Festival Gilmorehill G12 Centre, 18-19 June 2002.

2002RAMAYANA, Wayang Kulit, with Joko Susilo and Matthew Issac Cohen, Tramway. 12 June 2002.

2002 – RAMAYANA: THE FALL OF ALENGKA a short Ramayana shadow puppet play for children, performed by Joko Susilo with Gamelan Naga Mas Scottish Mask and Puppet Centre, Glasgow. 6 April 2002.

2002 -The production WAYANG SKOTLANDIA performed in April 2002 at The Arches in Glasgow featuring Puppeteers – Joko Susilo and Matthew Isaac Cohen. 5 & 6 April 2002.

2002 – RAMAYANA contemporary Indonesian shadow puppetry presented by Joko Susilo and Matthew Isaac Cohen with Gamelan Naga Mas. Suitable for the entire family. Part of the Puppet and Animation Festival,  G12 University of Glasgow. 26 March 2006.

2000 – BBC Live at the Royal Concert Hall Foyer, Glasgow. 29 May 2000.

2000 – Concert at the OPENING of the Tramway Theatre, Glasgow. 3 June 2000.

2000 – Concert at the West End Festival, Kibble Palace, Glasgow. 23 June 2000.

1999 – Concert at the James Arnott Theatre, University of Glasgow. Sophie Pragnell director, tutor. 4 February 1999.

1999 – Concert at the Howden Park Centre, Livingston. 6 February 1999.

1997 – Concert at the Gallery Of Modern Art, Glasgow. 28 August 1997

– Recording with SKOOSH Scottish Television. Gamelan Episode 4 Maracas. Stirling Bridge. 19 July 1997.

1997 – Concert at the West End Festival, Kibble Palace, Glasgow. 14 & 25 June 1997.

1996 – Concert at the Edinburgh Mela. 1 September 1996

1996 – Concert at the Fete de la Musique, French Institute, Edinburgh. 21 June 1996

1996 – Concert at the West End Festival, Kibble Palace, Glasgow. 14 & 19 June 1996

1995 – Concert at the St Mungo Museum, Glasgow. 12 November 1995

1995 – Concert at the Fete de la Musique, French Institute, Edinburgh. 17 June 1995

1995 – Concert at the Amnesty International, Haddington Festival. May – June 1995

1995 – Concert at the Dhanakosa Buddhist Retreat Centre, Loch Voil, Balquiddher. 21 May 1995

1994 – Concert at the Fete de la Musique, French Institute, Edinburgh. 6 June 1994.

1994 – Concert at the Perth Art Gallery and Museum. 26 March 1994.

1993 – Concert at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow. 13 November 1993

1993 – Concert at  The Gay Melons, Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 15 & 22 August 1993.

1993 – Glastonbury Festival, Healing Field. 22-27 June 1993.

1991 – Strathclyde Regional Council brings instruments to Glasgow from Indonesia.  The Glasgow Gamelan Group is formed.