29 09, 2016

Gamelan Beginners Classes

This six week course will give you a hands-on introduction to playing the gamelan instruments, learning the basic structures of traditional Indonesian music, and some more contemporary approaches to gamelan too. This promises to be a great course for beginners or folk wanting to take a bit of a gamelan refresher. The course is open

11 06, 2016

West End Festival, Botanic Gardens, Saturday 11 June

Come and join us in the warm and tropical atmosphere of the Kibble Palace, for a concert of gamelan music old and new. Between 1600 and 1700 we'll be offering a free workshop for individuals or families who want to come and have a go at playing the instruments. The concert is at 1930 and

9 09, 2015

Gamelan Untethered @ Discover Indonesia

As part of Discover Indonesia, Naga Mas presents another chance to see Gamelan Untethered, a futuristic fusion of gamelan, western instruments, voice and visuals built around the theme of our relationship and understanding of the cosmos. Featuring original music composed by members of Naga Mas and avant garde jazz musician Sun Ra alongside, this hour

28 08, 2014

Gamelan Untethered

A Musical Exploration of the Cosmos Sun Ra's Spaceways meets six new compositions for Javanese gamelan, synthesisers, piano, vocals & video. Ever since we saw Captain Jean-Luc Picard play gamelan on Star Trek (as if it was from another planet) we were intrigued by the idea of gamelan in outer space. After all, aren't we